Monday, May 24, 2010

Everyone Likes It But Me...

My daughter has laid down a challenge on her blog that I decide to take. It's called, "Everyone Likes It But Me.." so here goes.

* American Idol. I appreciate music. I appreciate talent shows, but really. This isn't about the music as much as its about the judges. I know, I know. I'm an old dude. To me there hasn't been good music since the early 70's but if the show was about the music and talent, why have the ratings gone down since Simon said he was leaving the show? And we've had talent shows since the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.

*Sushi. No one can question my ability to eat. All my life I've eaten food. But the common denominator is if it's to be eaten then it's to be COOKED! To me only wild animals eat their food raw. Fruit I'm with. Veggies some what. But MEAT? Give me a break. Throw it on the grill, put it in the microwave, slide into the oven or even hold it over a camp fire, but for goodness sake, COOK IT!

* Rap or Hip Hop Music. I don't get it. Even the names of the artist turn me off. "Puff Daddy", "P Daddy", even they can't decide what they want. Music is suppose to "move you." Rap and Hip Hop only move me toward the dial to turn it off.

*MLB Division Playoffs. It's all about $. I do miss the old days when the American League Champion played the National League Champion in the World Series. I don't give a rat's a__ about watching eight different teams "playoff" for a place in the Series. Let 162 games decide the 2 teams to play.

* Instant Replay. We have officials who are suppose to call the game. There is a principle called "the rub of the green". Can you imagine how many great games would have ended differently if they had instant replay then. Sometimes the "breaks" go your way, and sometimes they don't. Live with it.

*Professional Football, Basketball and Baseball players who want to renegotiate their contracts. When Ted Williams hit .401 he followed that year with .387. He asked the Red Soxs to "lower" his pay because he didn't have as good a year. Do you think you'd see that today? A contract is a contract! It's your word. Let the players play for what they agreed to for as long as they agreed to.

* Celebrations in the end zone after scoring a TD, or making a sack, or catching a pass. Isn't this their job? If you score, act like you've been there before. If you make a sack of the QB just stare at him and walk back to the huddle. If you catch a pass, score or jump up after the tackle and go back to the huddle. I'm watching football and not wanting to watch a 350 lb. tackle do the latest dance.

*The National Anthem. I'm very patriotic. I just feel that "God Bless America" is a better song.

*Oprah Winfrey. I tired of her a long time ago. I guess it started when her boyfriend moved in with her. I finally tired of her sharing these worderful diet programs, exercise programs, books, etc. that seemed to come and go with her. Where have her personal trainers, dieticians, and Dr. Phil gone? Well, at least Dr. Phil has his own show. And that could lead me to another entry.

That's just some of the stuff most like that I don't.

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